Favourite Exercises from our Riders to Try at Home

Nicola Davison

Big fan of long and low work to really help suppleness – both longitudinal and then also bringing nose round to inside for lateral stretch and further aid suppleness.

Keeping on an inside track away from fence is great for really getting horse in both to both reins and practicing straightness without the wall/fence to rely on.

Lauren Russell

When training the half pass and the half pass bend I good exercise I enjoy it half pass, shoulder in, half pass and shoulder in. This allows the bend to develop but also encouraging the horse not to rush through the shoulder.

Half pass should be shoulders leading and not quarters and I find it important in my training to allow the shoulders first but yet not have the quarters trailing.

Bria Corr

Getting a few steps towards a mini Piaffe great to get them engaged behind and living up infront if they are naturally a little down-hill.

Kelly Jane Humphrey

But I personally love long reining. It’s so beneficial to your horse. It allows their back the freedom to move without a saddle, helps with bending, balance, encourages long and low work to flex their back. Also, when done with poles it engages their core. I do it in the school and out hacking that way I can include some hill work to build up hind end muscles.

Amanda Willis

I love raised poles as it really helps to engage the core and your horse really has to pick their feet up. It also encourages balance, and they have to think about where they are placing their feet and think for themselves. been a god send during gingers rehab.

Caroline Wilkinson

I love gridwork. Really helps with strength, agility & quick thinking.