Who are Leg Up For Talent

We’re very excited to have launched our new website here at LegUpforTalent! So, we thought now was as good an opportunity as any to explain a bit about LUFT and what we do.

LUFT was created 10 years ago by Diana Anselm to give a “leg up” to talented riders who are not lucky enough to have the financial backing to move them up the levels in their chosen disciplines ladder.

Traditionally, sponsorship was kept for the big names of the sport, those that had already made it through their hard work and would be appearing on the front cover of equestrian publications, wearing a saddle cloth embroidered with their sponsors logo on to create brand awareness for the masses.

But changing times meant social media became common place and with the decline of printed publications; Diana saw an opportunity. By creating a completely unique network that means that a post is delivered directly to the news feed of just over 100,000 every week, LUFT was able to provide talented riders a chance to get sponsorship from some of their favourite brands.

In exchange for the support from an individual or company, a LUFT rider who has proven themselves through a LUFT development programme, will provide a weekly lifestyle post, creating the content for the brand and then ensure that the post will be posted in such a way to be delivered to the news feeds. Many companies have found this to be extremely beneficial in growing their brand awareness; choosing to renew year after year.

Renapur and RenaSan have been the title sponsors since the beginning and our riders are extremely grateful for the support they receive here, with having their tack that they have worked so hard for having the very best quality care to ensure its longevity with Renapur. RenaSan then provide a hypochlorous antiseptic that’s FEI legal, so perfect to keep in the first aid kit for the inevitable cuts and scrapes that horses and other animals manage to give themselves; despite our very best efforts to keep them wrapped up in cotton wool.

With our riders having sponsorship, we’re seeing our riders move up the level with some fantastic results recently.

Steph Gunn looked incredible jumping her way to 5th place in the silver league championship at HOYS, sporting some of the beautiful clothing in and out of the ring for both herself and her horse, from her sponsors HY equestrian and Halt equestrian and Jagerbomb was looking on form from his treatments from S.G Veterinary Physiotherapy.

Sarah Fitton was also able to dance up the centre line with her horse to come 2nd in the PetPlan Area Championships at Inter 1, after Tia rested up for the night on Box bedding and had received regular treatments from The Country Physio.

Some of our riders have been working incredibly hard at home to ensure they’re ready to take their horses out and about. Vicky Lacey is one of those riders who has been entering Digital Dressage competitions for a while now, especially over lockdown to ensure she kept her ring craft to a high level. So naturally is thrilled that My Digital Dressage is now supporting her through LUFT and she is able to hone in on her ringcraft even further.

Chantelle Johnson is also able to work hard on her training at the moment with her the support of her first sponsor Trainer Marcin Stachurski, meaning she has the very best support to ensure she can see regular improvements in her riding and her horse’s way of going.

Another rider that has had some fantastic support for her training is our long standing LUFT Rachel Dorrell who consistently creates innovative and engaging posts for her sponsors, which has seen her surface provider Carpet Gallop choose to renew with her for a 3rd year.

Of course, high quality care is of the upmost importance for our LUFT stars horses to ensure they are kept happy, healthy, sound and comfortable in order to perform at their very best. Which is why Cheryl Beech is very grateful for the support of online and local feed store Animals First providing the highest quality feeds and supplements for her TB Squid and American Paint horse, Apache.

Dani Letherby is also thrilled to now be supported by RTB Equine Therapies that provides Equine Sports Massage, kinesiology taping and Reiki Therapy to her horses Bud and Sol.

Natasha Kalderen is also able to keep her horse’s rugs in tip top condition with regular washes and repairs from Simply Rugs who are providing Natasha with support for a 4th year.

We’re incredibly proud of all our LUFT stars searching out the support to help them keep their horses in brilliant condition, to train to the best of their ability and to compete and obtain the best results they can.

We take pride in monitoring and coaching our riders for their sponsors to ensure they are of a high quality and posts completed weekly. Ultimately, this is what has meant we receive some fabulous feedback from sponsors and what has led to many companies choosing to renew year after year.

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