What a year 2021 has been!

It may be getting closer to the end of 2021, but our LegUpforTalent Riders aren’t showing any signs of slowing down just yet and instead have been going all out to try and find businesses to work with in order to progress with their equestrian ambitions. One of our newer stars Ellie Hussey has certainly been working hard and had the delivery of her new horse Oli recently from her new sponsor “buyaspanishhorse” as well as signing with Leigh Jackson and Hoof Boutique. Well done Ellie!

Caroline has also signed with her first sponsor this month; Forest Pet Supplies. This is fantastic news and we’re very pleased to see our new stars getting their sponsors.

Of course some of our older stars are adding to their current team of businesses that they’re promoting, such as Vicky now working with Olivia Towers Dressage, who we’re certain will compliment her support from My Digital Dressage perfectly!

Obviously we’re excited to have new clients working with LegUpforTalent, but we’re even more pleased to have companies renew with us after their Rider has proven how the programme works for them. 

Examples of this for this month are Voltaire renewing with Amanda for a second year and Carpet Gallop and Foleys Equestrian Surfaces both renewing with Rachel Dorrell and Glenn respectively.

Rachel has also been rather busy out competing and has managed to qualify for the SEEL arena eventing final! Other stars that have qualified for championships recently include Lauren Russell completing her Area Festival qualification at PSG and Inter 1, as well as the Winter Regionals at advanced medium! Joanne Dyson will be braving the weather with Lauren at the Winters at Elementary.

Steph Gunn however had the right idea escaping the weather and going to Spain for showjumping!

We imagine Sarah Fitton will be travelling about a lot as well soon after being selected for the British equestrian federation young professionals programme. This is a huge honour, so we’ll done Sarah!

Of course we must wrap up our time here by telling you that Claire Penfold was our star not the month for November. We’ll be excited to see who our next star of the month will be!