Defying all odds

LegUpforTalent understands that horses can give us setbacks. Nothing with horses is ever plain sailing. Normally when everything is going fantastically well, they’ll do something silly. For some horses, their injuries can be career ending. For some, they defy the odds and make a comeback.

We love to hear these stories and are always so excited for our riders when one of them manage to defy the odds with their equine. As just a couple of examples; Cheryl brought her eventer Apache after someone rescued him from a worm ridden, malnourished existence and shortly after lost their grazing. Cheryl picked him up for very little money when he was 22 months old and has had some great successes out at BE with him since. He’s also proved that he has quite the pop on him out showjumping!

Another one of our riders; Dani, had her 18 year old veteran go out and do a BE100 for 11th place and 4 days later he got himself kicked in the field, leaving him with a 4 inch deep puncture wound that went directly to the bone and fractured his radius. Thankfully, the fracture was found straight away and didn’t spiral, so the main risk was infection initially. With lots of oral antibiotics and Dani also learning to inject them very quickly, he came back sound. Just as he started his limited turnout, he then proceeded to colic and needed another vet visit. Once he had got past all of this and done the rehab, his first show back he was part of the winning team at Kent County BRC showjumping championships.

LegUpforTalent is all about defying the odds. We know how difficult it is to “make it” on the equestrian circuit without lots of help and a lucky break or 2. Sometimes, even the most talented and hard working riders just don’t have the financial backing to get enough entries in to make their MERs before moving up a level. This is why LegUpforTalent was formed. To help riders defy the odds.

Given this, we are very pleased to announce our new competition “defying all odds”. Details of how to enter are on both our Facebook and Instagram pages. But essentially , we want to hear your defying the odds story. Did you or your horse have an injury or illness that changed everything? And how did you make your comeback better than your setback?

Once we have read through the stories, our favourite will receive a cash prize and some goodies. Entries will be open until the 9th April and we’re really looking forward to reading how you and your horse have defied all odds.