LegUpforTalent was founded by Diana Anselm – creator of The Little Black Book & Recommended Equestrians. Created to help Amateur riders gain financial as well as in kind support to enable them to work their way up levels with financial backing.


£400,000 FUNDING

Over the years our riders have received over £400,000 worth of support and it is still to this day it’s the only equestrian platform that provides an accountable and unique service successfully.

Our riders license the methodology of the programme which allows them to provide a very successful distribution, but also enables LegUpforTalent to monitor & manage carefully.


We regularly look for riders across the UK in all disciplines, we mentor and coach riders to be able to look for financial support by having an established platform to support them on their search.

You will receive management and support by our team, enabling you to work with businesses to cover the cost of your training, competing, livery bills etc.

Applicants to be in UK and over 18.

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Hannah Lynn


By supporting a LegUpforTalent rider you will receive –

A unique social media service distributed to 100,000 Equestrians in the rural community on a weekly basis.

Guaranteed social media presence throughout the year.

Consistent and an accountable service that’s monitored carefully.

Management of the rider to provide quality lifestyle content and use of the LUFT central network.

The opportunity to use the content on a number of your own pages.

Social Media packages start from only £28 a week.

Our riders are managed carefully, and we ensure you will receive a great service.

We have a very high renewal rate because our offering works for many companies.


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