We love hearing back from our riders and the companies that we work with about how they’re getting on. Here is a snapshot of some of the feedback we have received.

“I am pleased to provide my whole hearted praise for the exceptional social media service provided by LegUpforTalent. The Programme has developed enormously over the last ten years and has provided an excellent opportunity for Renapur and RenaSan to promote its products directly to our customers using their unique distribution method.

Being the Primary Sponsor since the company’s inception over ten years ago has been a great privilege for us in the knowledge that our support has helped hundreds of talented riders reach their equestrian potential and turn their dreams in to a reality”

Robin Aspinall Director Renapur & RenaSan


Optimal Equestrian Performance

“Working with LegUpforTalent and Rosie is and has been an absolute pleasure!LUFT are extremely professional and offer much needed support to a wide variety of riders. Furthermore, LUFT coordinate the sponsorships and regularly keep in touch to make sure everything is running smoothly. If any queries do crop up they are dealt with quickly and effectively.Rosie is equally as fantastic! Extremely easy to work with and always bringing new ideas to the table. Tandem with constantly going the extra mile and adapting to last minute changes.I would highly recommend working with LegUpforTalent and Rosie!”

Deborah CG

CG Sports Therapy

“Deb is amazing. Such an inspiration!
She is incredibly talented but also caring. She has really learnt and took my advice under her wing and we can see major results!
She applies the advice daily and really incorporates it in to her daily life!
Her posts mean so much more for me because she truly understands the benefits that I can provide to her.
I look forward to seeing the results as a team!”
France & Dani

France De La Cour Equine Manual Therapy

“This is the first time I have supported a rider and through LegUpforTalent. I can be sure that posts are always done for me that have useful information in. It has increased my social media interaction with regular posts. Having the content created for me is a lot easier as I struggle to know what to say when creating posts for myself sometimes”

France covers Kent & East Sussex.

Mindful Riding

“Cheryl always blows me away with her creativity, understanding and enthusiasm in the posts she does for me. She really understands the ethos of mindful riding and that is apparent in her posts. I can’t thank her enough”

My digital

My Digital Dressage

“It is our honour to sponsor Vicky. She is dedicated, and works hard and is as passionate about our business as we are.
Vicky has recorded fantastic videos for us and does regular, varied and engaging posts, gaining interest and helping to inspire people to gain confidence, with her story and ours. She is invested in us, as we are in her success.
Vicky has a true understanding of who our business is for and what it entails. She is a total pleasure to work with”

Reiki Practitioner Sara Brown

“I have found LegUpforTalent to be a fantastic way to add move content into my Facebook page, giving new clients more regular updates, which encourages them to try my services as the videos and reviews show fast positive results time and time again.
I really would recommend any company to get involved, and the big plus, it’s a great way to help the riders and their horses, it really is a win-win for everyone”

Scorching North

“We started working with Agata this year and have been very impressed with the quality, variety and quantity of her social media engagements with our products. It feels great to support a rider and help them pursue their goals within a sport that we all love while at the same time gaining valuable business exposure which is incredibly important for small family companies like Scorching North. I would highly recommend other equestrian businesses consider a relationship with LUFT, it is a great opportunity for everyone involved. Ben Hindle, Managing Director, Scorching North Ltd”

Carpet Gallop

“Carpet Gallop Ltd is proud to have LegUpforTalent Rachel Dorrell working with us. The posts are well written and an accurate description of how our products work. She writes from real experience and is an integral part of our team ensuring that we have the maximum feedback and promotion from a customers prospective. We would strongly recommend Rachel along with the leg up for talent programme as it really does help those prepared to make an effort to fund their love of equestrian sports as well has help promote our business”


Pawson Engineering

“We came back to Rachel on LegUpforTalent because, in the few months that we weren’t on the scheme, we noticed a significant drop in our online presence and enquiries for new works, we have a significant amount of clientele that have come to us through Rachel’s recommendations and it is noticed and very much appreciated. We enjoy working with Rachel, supporting her journey, and following her outings and journeys with Rebel, Daintydavey, Kit, Buckaroo Boo, Jaws, and the sheep with interest!”



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